Thursday, April 12, 2012

Richard Kelly

Lesson Plan

            Recently, I have taught a lesson about rules and following directions.  The lesson was built off of a book called, “David Goes to School,” by David Shannon.  The book is about a boy who misbehaves in school and is often noticed and acknowledged for his misbehavior.  Throughout the lesson, I often noticed that things went both smoothly and other things that should have been done differently.

            The preparation of the lesson was very time consuming, my partner and I had to try and think on the lines of what kind of work 2nd graders should be doing.  We tried to base the assignments and the interaction off of a class that was around 6 years old.  Our lesson was about rules and following directions.  We mainly focused on negative traits because we assumed that the students knew how to behave because of their age.  Our objectives were to cover cause and effect, explain that punishments exist for negative behavior, and how students were supposed to behave in the classroom.  Our lesson went pretty well I think, we followed our lesson as much as we could and got everything accomplished, we had a mini help sheet to help us on what to do for behavior and how to keep everything moving. 

            While teaching the lesson, the students were really supposed to understand about behavior in a classroom and what they can and cannot do in school.  We used the book which made it easier to see what was allowed and not allowed to do.  The students showed me that I need to have more positive reinforcement and that I will not be able to keep every student happy all day and I have to sometimes be the bad guy.  If I could have changed my lesson I would have definitely given more positive reinforcements and a different behavior plan.  The lesson would have been more effective if I didn’t assign as much work and a different behavior plan.  I think I would definitely need to improve when it comes to being positive to the students, because a student will not learn if he/she doesn’t feel comfortable.
This was a bulletin board I created for black history month.  We chose to base our board off of a mix and match with famous black names and faces.

Friday, February 24, 2012

End Day 2

Today I learned about a glog.  I am creating a glog based off of my book.  I started working on my glog and it will probably be completely different by when I have to submit it.  It seems like a fun activity which would help anyone be creative.  This is more entertaining then drawling a poster because it allows you to go more in depth with creating it.  I am not a very creative person and this helps me become more creative.  I could definately use this in the future because I am not an artist.

Glog Link

Day 2

    During last class, I learned how to use a wordle and get more in depth with using my blog.  I created a wordle and posted it in my blog.  The wordle dealt with the words that came out of my book, "David Goes to School."  Wordle seems like a fun activity that I would be able to do with my students in years to come. 
    In previous classes, Dr. Luongo has mentioned something called a glog.  I have no idea what a glog is.  Im guessing that a glog is similar to a blog just based off of how similar the names are.  I am anxious to figure out and start my own glog.